About Me

Hello and welcome, my  name is Anastasia and I live in Sydney, Australia with my man, two adult children and a cuddly, cheeky little Boston Terrier.

Growing up as an Empath in an amazing Greek family has given me the strong sense of perceiving the mental and emotional state of an individual or place.  Greek myths, Oracles and superstitions along with spirituality have always held my attention.  By my early 20s, when I first became a mother and working in the corporate world, I started to learn to fine tune this ability. Along with the use of channeled messages to assist me in my own life and that of others, I have found it empowering, innovative, insightful and inspiring in taking healthy steps to move forward.

With encouragement and inspiration from clients, I now create my own version of blessing candles that are meant to benefit a space and/or a person.  Each candle holds a beautiful crystal, mixture of blessed herbs and soy wax.  Other products to compliment the wellbeing of an individual, such as white sage, journals, affirmation or oracle cards, crystals are also available for purchase.  If you are on the hunt for something special, message me and I can investigate it further for you.

Space Clearing sessions and special incense blend mixtures are available upon request. 

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