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My name is Anastasia and I am a Sydney native and a psychic who was inspired by clients to provide magickal products for modern times. 


What began with curating a selection of products for busy clients, that had limited time to search on their own, has now grown into a curated collection of items including ethically grown white sage, crystals, oracle cards and specialised candles to help channel and focus intentions.  


Every part of the candle-making process is meticulously researched and selected and then handcrafted based on the spiritual properties of the fragrance, herbs and crystals, with intention being the main focus.  We believe when you explore and embrace your own power, you can integrate and enjoy simple magick in this modern world we all live in.  Be it for personal growth or as simple as taking time to reconnect with yourself.


It has been an amazing journey so far and we are very excited with all the products we have added, such as hand-made ceramics, Aromatherapy natural perfumes to mindful magical items for young growing souls (all Australian made).  There are also new things still to come! 


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You will also find us at various events such as specialty markets and the Mind Body Spirit Festivals


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