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Psychic reading sessions are a mixture of channeled messages and oracle cards.  It always helps to think of some questions or topics that you wish to cover during a session.  That way the energy is one of gaining clarity and empowerment.

We all have some level of insight but sometimes it helps to get it out of your head, to make better sense of it all or even have a laugh!  Spirit can be cheeky at times and a smile always lightens the heart.

A psychic reading session works both ways, where the reader and the client interact.  When energy flows this way, then as a client, you come up with some of your own answers and hence feel more empowered, gain clarity and start moving forward in a more positive way.

Intrigued?  Then contact me now to book in a session -

1 hour session:  $140

30 min session: $90

Group Parties or special events: These can be rather fun and on request.

Unable to get to my office due to time restrictions and still would like a face-to-face session?  On-location sessions within the Sydney metropolitan area are on a request basis.

Please be aware that psychic sessions are not a replacement of following doctors advise or health plans. 

About Me
About Empath Ana

As a psychic empath, I am passionate about how the energy of an individual or a place can have a positive impact on someone's life.  Love to travel (spent enough years working in that industry!), writing and sharing messages which has led to creating this blog.


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