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What to Expect out of a Psychic Reading

Ana doing a psychic reading with a client

"So what work do you do?" asks a fellow female networker at a dinner event some months ago.

"I try to assist people to gain some clarity in their lives via the use of clairvoyant sessions"

"What is a clairvoyant?" they ask. Now that caught me a little off guard. Seems I was a little naive thinking everyone would know this term. I pull back to the most commonly used wording and respond with "Psychic readings"

"Ohhhhh" is their response and this is where the conversations will either go awkward or it sparks an interest in them and they start asking questions. Sometimes it is entertaining seeing their reactions but it is also good to see that more people are being open to different modalities. Can I call it diversity?

Psychic readings have been around for many centuries. There were times when it was generally acceptable, as well as its lows but has never become obselete. The world constantly changes and evolves depending what is happening at the time. It is great to see the veil of 'taboo' is lifting in a more positive way than it has in quite some time. More and more people are making an effort to include their intuitive spiritual side to move forward in their lives, as well as help others.

A psychic service is never meant to replace the need of a doctor, lawyer or even someone like an accountant! A quality psychic service can add value to helping someone gain clarity. Insight can be shared to help you gain a wider view of a situation you may be struggling with or at least gain a better understanding. Actions to decide to take up afterwards are still of your own choice. No one has control over someone else's free will.

To get the most out of a session, it is great to prepare some questions. Write them down on a piece of paper prior to your appointment and take it with you. That way you can check the list when the reader asks you for any further questions about topics that were not already covered. As an Empath that has the ability to read someone's energy, or even a place, we discuss how the energy feels around the topic.

A quality psychic will also ask you questions to help you find your own answers. So be prepared to put in some of your own work. Why you ask? Because you benefit from it and not everyone is up for being 'told' what to do. A bit like coaching or counselling. I have found many times spirit has stopped me from giving clients answers and steered me into asking them a question. Most of you carry your own answers but when you are swimming with so much stuff in your head it might be hard to see the forest for the trees. The right questions can lead you into seeing a bigger picture and that you have the power to make healthier choices with a better long term effect.

I also love giving clients some homework. Little activities to explore that can bring some good into their lives. So many people are good at give, give, give that they struggle with taking little steps to nourish themselves for a change. It all starts with activities that makes them smile. Simple but quite effective on all levels (mind, body, soul and even manifesting). We all need to refuel ourselves to be able to carry on with the demands of life.

There are so many terms around that you may have heard of - psychic, intuitive, medium, spiritual, shaman, witch, druid, healer and my personal favourite, empath. They all have their own little speciality and it is good for you to ask questions to get better clarity of what service is being offered. Sometimes one psychic is great for one person but may not align so good with an other - this is where I like to say 'listen to your gut instincts'.

Sessions are available via face-to-face in Sydney, phone or Skype.

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