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The Power of Ancient Sites — Part 1

Temple of Apollo overlooking the Olive Tree Valley

What is it about ancient sites that draws so many people, be it summer or winter? Why bother when you just go to a modern building and be comfortable? Ancient sites are more than just tumbled rocks and broken vases. They still hold some energy of their past. Some people can sense something upon exploring such sites.

Ancient sites are also one of our big links to our ancient ancestors and how they lived their lives and what was most important to them. Humanity is worse than a curious cat these days and hungry to see what the past was and an opportunity to learn, grow and gain appreciation for what you currently have in your life. Those that actually take in what they experience when visiting such sites have a lot more to gain than those that ignore it.

During Greece's height of summer, I was privileged to have been taken to see the site of Delphi. Delphi held the Temple of Apollo where the Oracle Pythia answered questions to those who required information. This lasted over a thousand years! Seems not much has changed in modern times when someone visits a psychic or medium.

Something is different about the area where Delphi was built. The olive tree valley below is absolutely breathtaking and its grounding energy travels all the way up the mountain above Delphi. Many know the olive tree to be a symbol of peace but it also about prosperity, resurrection and hope. Such a vast plantation holds a vibrant positive energy for whatever surrounds it. As an empath, I lavished in its awesomeness. Great way for any of you to re-energise yourselves upon visiting the town of Delphi or even include it in your meditation.

Delphi was a place that people honoured their victories and crossed paths with others to communicate and learn. Quite prominent in intense political times. Hence the energy here is not just about visiting a spiritual place. It is about power in so many ways - especially knowledge. Some good, some not so good but there was a lot to learn from both.

The ground and mountain that Delphi currently resides in has a powerful energy. After visiting such a place, I can still feel its energy all the way here in Australia. It draws you into its arms and has a way to make you want to know more. Have you ever been to ancient site that you cannot get out of your head? You randomly will see an article or a photo that makes you stop and think? Smile? Intriguing thoughts?

For those of you that visit such an amazing site, I encourage you to stop in a spot that feels right for you and have a good look around. Take a deep breath and close your eyes for a minute. What do you feel? How does it make you feel? If you have a travel journal, definitely use it!

Past philosophers argued that if the God Apollo was so great, why did he not predict and protect Delphi from nature's destruction forces? The answer I get is that it was a way to protect the city for future generations. If Delphi was not hidden by other buildings before it was officially excavated, it may not have been preserved in the manner it currently presents itself. Feeling quite lucky to have being born in these times and have access to it. Sometimes I wonder if I had visited this place in a past life.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of The Power of Ancient Sites ...

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