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London Tarot Reading

Michelle Chaso - Tarot reader at Treadwell's London

Upon planning my trip to Europe, the magical Lucy Cavendish encouraged me to try and explore some of the mystical bookstores of London. I did not need much encouragement, so after some online research I had selected Treadwell's. They seemed to cover my interest of alternative books, quality tarot readers and it was easy to get to being located in Bloomsbury; which also surrounded by great cafes and a pub where my loving husband could wait for me.

Empath Ana's book purchase from Treadwell's London

It was my first exciting day in London and I was very lucky to be able to get an appointment with the lovely Michelle Chaso (yes, I highly recommend her!). I do not do Tarot myself but happy to have a professional reader do my cards. Plus I feel it is a fun thing to do - even on holidays! Why did I pick Treadwell's you ask? Don't laugh but it had a lot to do with their 'three month rule'. Treadwell's offer not only quality readers but a customer can only have a reading once within a three month period. I found this to be quite ethical.

Prior to my reading I had time to explore Treadwell's. It offers a good mix of old and new books, along with magical supplies. The store had a great feel about it and that is a big thing for someone like me being an empath. I was in heaven with all the books! Due to my limited luggage space, I purchased something that I could not get back home at the time, The Secret Lore of London - Eds. John Mathews & Caroline Wise. This is a guide to the legends, myths and magical sites of London. If only I had this book before I arrived! I could have put an exciting twist to my sightseeing visiting these alternative sites. Loved Treadwell's and my visit was made even better by the awesome staff I interacted with in the store. Londoners are very lucky to have access to such a quality place and I miss not having one in Sydney, Australia.

Yes, over the years I have had some awful tarot readings as well as good ones. My experience with Michelle was a positive one and I was glad to have a session with someone who was a professional in their craft and had the ability to communicate the reading clearly. Michelle was able to nail down something significant that had happened recently in my life, within the first 5 minutes of my reading. The rest of my reading covered my work and my family. I find that the best readings are ones that arm you with insight so you are empowered to improve your life where possible. This can mean either avoid certain situations (warnings) or taking up an opportunity that is coming your way. In my case it was to keep moving forward with the road I have chosen to go on in my life. Overall it was a fun experience that I could share with my friends when I return back home.

When choosing to go for a reading, It is recommended that you listen to you instincts. If it feels right to have a reading by someone, then go for it. If something is amiss, then do not do it cause the experience may leave you feeling drained. Go for what is best for you and your wellbeing. At the end of the day, we all have our own free will and it is up to us to take actions in moving forward with our lives. The better armed you are with knowledge, the better the choices you can make.

Stay tuned for my experience in Greece with a coffee cup reading!

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