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Decor items with natural energy. Do you have any?

Feather Mandala by Wood N Water

Recently visited the Mind Body Festival in Sydney with an open mind. Not always sure what I will experience at such events and curiosity always leads us to discover new things. Such a different range of personalities seem to merge at these events. Makes me smile seeing people from the corporate world all the way to country folk working together.

Walking past the Feather Mandala stand I was stopped in my tracks - almost as if spirit had put my brakes on! Looking to my left I took in what had made me stop and was in awe of what filled my eyesight and heart. Beautiful decor pieces made of timber and feathers where the colours were amazing and the energy from each piece had its own lovely vibration. Big difference to plastic decor pieces!!

Anything that is ethically created with natural resources holds a vibration that can add to the positive ambience of a room, including a work environment. This can also help the energy of those who spend time around them. Some people might have things like shells they have collected from the beach in their homes where the energy of the ocean comes with it (just as long there are no sea creatures living in them!). Crystals are an other popular item or it can be as simple as having flowers in a vase. Flowers always makes one soul smile from the inside out!

Currently renovating my own office I realised that I had not considered much about decor items that would benefit my clients and started my search for suitable pieces. I eventually returned to the Feather Mandala stand and purchased a simple timber round block to use for my reading table. It will be used for my cards and crystals to help reset and ground their energy in between clients. Mike, a carpenter by trade, collects the timber in an environmental ethical manner and with the assistance of his partner, Hilary, prepares the blocks to be sealed with linseed oil to either be decorated or sold on their own (like the one I had purchased).

Artists and creative people can do a lot of good for our surroundings. Their creativity and energy is shared with the items they make by hand. Our busy lives in this day and age has prompted us to rush and miss half of what would benefit us and our health. Australian's spend a lot of time and money on their homes this is just a reminder to slow down and be more mindful when selecting your decor pieces. The benefits are worthwhile in the long term.

Feather Mandala by Wood N Water #2

Tips for when purchasing that special decor item -

1. Something has caught your eye and feels good. Why does it make you feel good? Why is a big factor when buying something.

2. Be mindful: Slow down and consider what you might be purchasing - choosing a piece that feels right and placed in a matching position has long term benefits to the surroundings (including you!) Same goes with a wrong piece that can make you cringe overtime you walk past it.

3. What room would you put this item in? Is it a calming piece going into a room that needs it? Or is it a high energy piece being placed in a room that needs its energy uplifted? Careful you do not place a high energy piece near where you sleep!

4. Simple tip: If the item makes you smile you know you are on the right track. Smiles stir emotions and emotions can manifest positive energy. This contributes to helping us manifest other good things in our lives.

5. Take into consideration how the decor item has been created. Ethically and by hand has a better feel.

If you are interested in a Feather Mandala piece, you can contact Hilary & Mike on +61 0406 613676. They are located in the beautiful Fleurieu Peninsula South Australia.

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