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Travel exhilarates the soul: 5 tips in making it happen

So many of us make plans to travel that include our transport, accommodation and tours but forget about our mindset that affects our overall experience of travelling. There is so much in media these days about abundance and manifestation that is not all just about attracting money. It also includes experiences that you will come across.

Being mindful and having an optimistic attitude is a magnet to manifesting a positive travel experience. I have seen fearful and pessimistic clients work on their mindset prior to travelling and upon their return glow with happiness and full of stories.

Travel exhilarates the soul in so many ways. It is an education in cultural diversity, learning about other cities, tasting new and different foods to making new friends or meeting up with family. My own first trip to Europe in my early 20s taught me to appreciate what Australia had to offer and that you can have a fulfilling life even when living in small quarters - rather than a monstrous five bedroom suburban mansion!

Benefits of being mindful when travelling help you enjoy your trip, expand your energy to help your body feel more relaxed, as well as being able to better handle any challenges that might come up.

Here are 5 tips to help you to have an exhilarated soul travel experience:

1. Have all your itinerary details in one document (if your travel agent hasn't already done so). Give this to the important people in your life if you like so they know where you are at certain times. This helps those of you that might be a little anxious and confirm that all is in order. Peace of mind allows you more time to enjoy your travels.

2. In each place you visit, make an effort to stop and have a coffee, tea, juice or wine and people watch. Too often travellers rush around all day and miss out on taking in the essence of a place and therefore reduces the experience. Take a photo of the view from where you are sitting to help you smile when you look through your photos at a later date.

3. Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile at your hotel receptionist, waiter, tour conductor, sales assistant or even the bus driver! What you put out will be a magnet for how you will be treated in return. Too often I have sat near grumpy loud tourists and cringed at their attitude towards others. There is always a constructive way of communicating something you are not happy about and when you need further help - even when there is a language barrier.

4. Gratitude at the end of each day is a fantastic way to grow your positive energy. Think of 3 - 5 things that you are grateful for that day. This exercise brings on smiles, feelings of peace and helps you have a better night sleep.

5. Enjoy being outdoors! Be it the beach, the countryside or an old cobblestone street. Your energy loves it and helps your body gain a happy holiday glow that everyone will envy upon your return home.

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