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Love is ... wedding fashion creates a stir

When someone invites you to come to High Tea and an exhibition around love and wedding fashion - of course I accept! Something fun and different is always a good thing!

After enjoying champagne, a few cups of hot tea and nibbles, we took the opportunity up to explore some historical, modern & alternative wedding fashion. You do not need to be a psychic to feel the excitement/energy of someone dressed up for a wedding. Wondering around the Love Is..Australian Wedding Fashion Exhibition at the ThePowerhouse Museum, it made me realise that a relationship is more than just the love of someone, but can also be expanded by what you wear on the day of a wedding. This is not limited to just the bride or groom but also includes the extended wedding party and family. Sonya (pictured below posing in front of her bridal outfit), advised all her guests to dress 'anything from medieval through to Victorian Steampunk'. As long as they looked good. Almost four years later, conversations from both the original bridal party and their guests still sparks smiles and a positive stir of energy.

Victorian Steampunk...the lovely bride Sonya posing for me in front of her amazing bridal outfit

Hence, wedding days are a huge celebration for every culture and the impact it stamps on all those involved. Coming across old photos from parents or grandparents weddings always make me stop, wonder and smile at how amazing they looked. Even better is when couples that have married for love, have an amazing aura in their photos.

At this exhibition, we were given the opportunity to do something that we do not normally get a chance to do - take a closer look at some amazing creative wedding designs! Fashion, especially when it comes to weddings, communicates a lot about the person that wears it, along with the designer and the people it takes to put it all together. It can really express ones personality or hide it if required. Some people will spend months in advance in the search of their 'wow' outfit. This can vary by the use of colour, fabric, dresses, ornaments, corsets and suits for both the female and male. Where possible, there are no restrictions.

Whist admiring an alternative wedding dress, the lady next to me pointed out how bland some of them look without the actual person wearing it. "The generic mannequins really don't show the outfit's true nature" she said. Looking at the dress written bio with a copy of an original wedding photo, compared to the actual display, I realised that she was right. The energy of an outfit is not complete until a person is wearing it. In the case of a store, maybe a good mannequin can go a long way when it comes to selling it to potential buyers. Or at least entice them to try it on!

Overall, an outfit can contribute to the way a person feels on such a special day and has a ripple effect of energy to those around them - especially at weddings. When shopping and looking for your ultimate outfit, pay attention to not just how it looks....stop and sense how it feels! Does it make you smile? Does it make you feel good? Even better, does it make your heart sing? If yes and it is within your budget, then bingo you've found the right one!

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