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Embracing Birthdays - excited or dreaded?

Embracing Birthdays

Do you find that depending what age the person is turning that they embrace it or dread it? More commonly I have found, depending on the age, there are different reactions.

Below is a snippet of a conversation I had with two people reaching a pinnacle age recently:

Talking to a 21 year old:

Me: Happy birthday!!!! Are you excited?

21 year old: I'm nervous (beaming smile included) and I can legally drink in the USA now! Even though I won't be going there for a few years yet...LOL

Me: Well you have your whole life ahead of you now. Opportunities will come your way and you can either take it or leave it. Life doesn't have to be mundane. Are going to celebrate?

21 year old: You bet!! Party time!

Talking to a 50 year old:

Me: Happy birthday!!

50 year old: Go away. I do not want to celebrate. I have asked my family to not do anything. I would rather not acknowledge it.

Me: (deflated) Oh. Ok. Can we at least get together for a drink?

50 year old: Can we throw in a movie as well?

Me: Yeah sure (but I'm really no sure - how else do I respond to such a deflation?)

How do you react to your own birthdays?

I personally love birthdays. Both my own and that of others. It is a time to contemplate where you are at in life. People always talk about new years resolutions but birthdays seem to have the same mentality; including looking at past photos. Just look at any social media site and you will find friends and family will post old photos as memories to provoke a laugh or two. Yes, I am definitely guilty of doing that! Snippets of good times can perk you up and on an energy level, reconnect someone to some positive energy. Just look at how popular photo booths have become at parties.

I always tell clients, anything that makes you smile is to be embraced. It also helps push out any unwanted heavy energy and start the new birthday year a little bit lighter!

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