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Palo Santo is a tree that a grows on the coast of South America and some know it as 'Holy Wood' and has a beautiful sweet smell.

Palo Santo is an alternative to sage to energetically cleanse and ground a space or your own energy. Great for preparing a space for meditation and is known to also enhance ones creativity.

Easy to use by lighting the end of the stick of Palo santo and holding it at an angle against the flame for at least 30secs to a minute. Once the flame is placed by smoke, you can move around your required space (work, car or home). When finished, place the stick in a fire proof bowl until the glow and smoke extinguishes.

Fantastic tool to take with you when you have to work in ad-hoc spaces and need to uplift the energy. Easy and less messy than having to use a smudge stick in these cases.

Average Length: 10cm

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