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To become absorbed in thought and consider before you speak! This candle was inspired for all of you that wish to express yourselves in a better way by being in the moment or what some would call mindfulness.

Topped with Sodalite, Carnelian & Kyanite and infused with the fragrance of Fresh Melon & Musk that feels like being surrounded by the grounded energy of mother nature.

Sodalite: Wisdom, clarity of thought, creativity and connected to great thinkers. Considered to help express things in the best possible way.

Kyanite: Enhance your mind & body, aligning of chakras, calming, centred, and free expression what you think and feel in a calming way. Linked to thought and communication.

Carnelian crystal - Strength, courage, stability and passion. Eliminates emotional fatigue

Once candle is finished, crystals tend to be charged and can be wiped clean with a cloth and kept for future use. Empty jar can also be used for other purposes/decor.

400ml. Hand poured & made in Australia. Coconut/Soy wax.

Safety warning: never leave candle unattended and out of reach of children and pets. Place candle on a stable and heat resistant surface away from drafts when lite. Keep wick trimmed to aRpprox 6mm. Upon first time use, allow candle to burn wax evenly across the jar to create a smooth look and better scent throw. Do no burn more than 3 hours at a time. Please be aware that due to all stones/crystals being unique - size and look may vary compared to this photo.

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