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Pictures of the Mediterranean Sea always seems dreamy, don't you think? I love the teal coloured sea that just seems to cleanse tiredness away and replenishes the soul. This is where the colours of this beautiful candle have been inspired by, especially holidaying in some amazing Greek Island.

Putting aside holidaying in the Mediterranean - daydreaming, dreams, and visualising are something that is enjoyable at all ages. We are never too old or too busy to dream.

This candle is topped with Blue Aragonite, Garnet & Aquamarine crystals and infused with an Ocean Mist fragrance. Once candle is finished, crystals tend to be charged and can be wiped clean with a cloth and kept for further use. (crystals within the candle included in your purchase - not the external displayed ones). Empty jar can also be used for other purposes/decoration.

Blue Aragonite: Calming, compassionate, joyful, optimistic and comforting vibration. Powerful for healers & spiritual teachers. Linked to the Throat Chakra and is a strong stone of spiritual vision.

Garnet: Revitalising, settle any feelings of uneasiness, crystal of passion, spiritually protective, passion, increase creativity and strength. Linked to the Sacral Chakra.

Aquamarine: Highly spiritual stone that opens intuition and increases clairvoyance, calming, soothing & linked to the the Throat Chakra. A crystal that is the element of water. A cleansing stone.

Hand poured & made in Australia. Coconut/Soy Wax. 200 xls

Safety warning: never leave candle unattended and out of reach of children and pets. Place candle on a stable and heat resistant surface away from drafts when lite. Keep wick trimmed to approx 6mm. Upon first time use, allow candle to burn wax evenly across the jar to create a smooth look and better scent throw. Do no burn more than 3 hours at a time. Please be aware that due to all stones/crystals being unique - size and look may vary compared to this photo.

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