Complete Teachings of Wicca - Book One: The Seeker

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The Witch of Oz has been studying and practicing Wicca for more than five decades, and she’s the perfect person to explore how the ancient pagan system can lead to a reawakening. Having traveled the world, the author has studied shamanism, witchcraft (both modern and traditional), herbal medicine, and magick.

In book one of her series titled Complete Teachings of Wicca, she highlights how to:

  • improve communication and move into the Age of Aquarius
  • embark on a journey of self-exploration by studying the oldest religion in the world
  • carry out training that will leave you with deep insights about the mysteries of Wicca and our Goddess, Mother Earth
  • identify the eight paths to Enlightenment

The changes of the Dawning Age are inevitable, but individuals will determine whether they carry us forward or throw us back. Find your own truth and tune into all that nature is telling you by learning the secrets of Wicca.

As a bonus, each book has been personally signed by The Witch of Oz - Lady Tamara Von Forslun.

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