House Readings
& Space Clearing

Due to current circumstances, House Readings & Clearings are paused until further notice.

Do you feel like your home or workspace needs some uplifting?  Does the atmosphere feel a little depleted and flat?

Maybe the energy just needs a refreshing cleanse and that’s where we can offer the service of a Space Clearing and Reading. 

/ What is Space Clearing?

Growing up in a European household, we were used to our parents constantly burning incense to help cleanse away the old energy and allow room for fresh energy to flow.  Sometimes this was done after the space is cleaned, religious days, if someone was ill or we were going through something challenging.  All of these vibrate different forms of energy and with the help of a mixture of herbs, resin and candles we would try and lift the energy back to a calming state.   

I explain to people it is like washing dirty clothes which is why something like de-cluttering and cleaning spaces is beneficial. With so many of us spending a lot of time in our homes lately, this has become even more important.

Over the years of doing space cleanses and being sensitive to energy as an intuitive psychic, I have found that stuck energy can sometimes give us insight of what needs to shift.  Therefore, this service now combines the two – a space cleanse and a reading of a premises.


/ What to expect from a session?

Depending on the size of the premises, it takes an average of 2 hours.  The larger the premises, the more time required.  It includes the space cleanse, an intuitive psychic reading and additional mixture of herbs and resins for the client to use on their own when required.

/ Where ?

We offer on-site sessions within the Sydney metropolitan area on a request basis, please enquire for more info.

/ How much is a session?

From $300 for 2 hours

Prices depend on the size of the premises and the distance we need to travel.